About Haggle

A European Union funded project in Situated and Autonomic Communications

Haggle is a new autonomic networking architecture designed to enable communication in the presence of intermittent network connectivity, which exploits autonomic opportunistic communications (i.e., in the absence of end-to-end communication infrastructures).

We propose a radical departure from the existing TCP/IP protocol suite, completely eliminating layering above the data-link, and exploiting and application-driven message forwarding, instead of delegating this responsibility to the network layer. To this end, we go beyond already innovative cross-layer approaches, defining a system that uses real best-effort, context aware message forwarding between ubiquitous mobile devices, in order to provide services when connectivity is local and intermittent. We use only functions that are absolutely necessary and common to all services, but that are sufficient to support a large range of current and future applications, more oriented to the human way of communicating (and, more generally, the way communities of any type of entities communicate), rather than related other technological aspect of the communication.

The main components of Haggle are:

  1. revolutionary paradigm for autonomic communication, based on advanced local forwarding and sensitive to realistic human mobility
  2. simple and powerful architecture oriented to opportunistic message relaying, and based on privacy, authentication, trust and advanced data handling
  3. An open environment for the easy proliferation of applications and services, thanks to a top-down approach that aims to reproduce communities’ behaviour, which makes Haggle an ideal paradigm for supporting applications with high social and economic impact.

Haggle is a full Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Integrated Project funded under the Situated and Autonomic Communication program of the Information Society Technologies priority area of the European Union’s Framework Programme 6 (FP6). Work under Haggle is commenced in January 2006 and the project will last 4 years.